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We are ecstatic to announce that June 20th is our official launch date for the Kickstarter! We’ve got everything set up and ready to go, and we couldn’t be happier. There’s lot to do, but we’ve got the base goal lined up and if we can clear it, there’s plenty of stretch goals lined up as well! We are going to share some info here, and create an official Kickstarter page on the website to help supply any info that our potential backers need 😀

Currently the base goal will unlock 5 characters that you can see on the graphic above! They’re all already sculpted, but putting them into production is always an intense and expensive process which is why we decided to go with a Kickstarter campaign. It will allow us to get these miniatures off the ground and into everyones hands MUCH faster than we would have been able to on our own. Plus it will open up the possibility of introducing more exciting miniatures into the line through stretch goals (and we have PLENTY of ideas lined up for that!)

During the campaign we’ll be ready and willing to talk and interact with backers, and our lead artist Heath “BA” Foley will take part in a few live sketch hangout sessions through the campaign to promote the game and preview some new characters to add to the line-up!

Another important piece of info is that these miniatures are not part of a board-game…yet. We are currently in the process of producing our own game with the help of some incredibly talented people! We are incredibly excited to develop the idea and so far are through the brainstorming phase…we’ve actually started working on some rough player cards 😀 It will be a while before it takes off, and we’ll try and keep backers updated as much as we can about the whole process.

We wont be able to do this without everyones help, so please come by and check out the Kickstarter once its launched! We’ll be sure to let everyone know the second it goes live! 😀

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