What an incredible first 48 hours to the Kickstarter campaign. So far we have cleared $3k in crowd funding, which is half of our base goal! Its all a bit unbelievable, but we know we still have a big journey ahead of us. We’ll be keeping up posting, giving regular updates and doing a few live-drawing sessions with our artist to help promote the campaign and to help flesh out some stretch goals down the line! Until then we will still need your help sharing these posts with anyone who might be interested! Keep it up guys, we are doing great! 😀

To help with this, we decided to start a contest on Facebook that gives one lucky winner a FREE “Wander Level” Pledge! We have a post on Facebook with this image in it:

…and if you LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT with your suggestion for an animal and class combo, you’ll be entered for a chance to win the free pledge! Here’s the link to our Facebook page if you haven’t found your way there yet: https://www.facebook.com/redpandaminis/

We also wanted to share some new pics from the campaign that we haven’t shared here yet. We finally got a chance to pick up our 3D prints over at Pali Proto, and they look amazing! Check it out, we got some nice pics of both Kira AND Tank! The detail in his shield is just insane.

Kira – 3D Sculpt
Tank – 3D Sculpt

We also got a chance to put these besides some popular miniature lines from the market for a size comparison:

Minis from Impact Miniatures, Super Dungeon Explore, Tank from Wander, Arcadia Quest, and Bombshell Babes

Also, our amazing friends over at Eldritch Studios have produced another amazing 360 video featuring ALL the miniatures in the base goal! We couldn’t be happier with it! Check it out:

Last but not least, we also finally previewed the first official stretch goal! We’d like to present Jon the Bard! 😀 He will be unlocked once we break past the base goal and move into the stretch goals.

Jon the Bard

Let us know what you guys think! We love to hear feedback from our fans and backers! 😀

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