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So, first things first…production is going great! We will have to do a minor amount of editing to the base models to make them a little bit more caster friendly, but beyond that we are looking to be able to deliver earlier than our expected delivery date, which was March 2017. We are waiting on the illustrious Patrick KeithΒ to have an opening later in August to tackle sculpting Jon the Bard, seeing as he did an amazing job with Rayna. We have received a package of casting samples from Valiant Enterprises, who have been casting for 20+ years, and they look amazing! We couldn’t be happier with the results.

We also just got the email from Kickstarter saying that they are finally sending the money from the campaign our way! This means we can start doing production runs as soon as we get some of the base models tweaked a bit for casting! Again, we couldn’t have done it without all your help, you guys are absolutely amazing!

We will be sending out a survey a few weeks after Gencon. Once we get that all taken care of, we will be handling pledge management and eventual shipping through our web-store! You will be credited for your pledged amount and will be allowed to add on any additional items from the campaign that you would like at their Kickstarter pricing! We will share more info on that as we get to it.


As we’ve said before a few times before, we will be attending this years Gencon at booth #463 with On The Lamb Games! We will be showing off some production model prototypes from our line along with a few painted mini’s. We will also officially be selling our first mini at the convention, which is of course Rayna the Dragoon! Here’s her official art, for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!

Rayna_Character Art

We also just got 100 pewter casts of her, just in time to get packed over the weekend and ready to sell at Gencon! πŸ˜€ Check it out:


We’ll be selling her there for our Kickstarter price of $10, after the convention she will jump back to her retail pricing. She’s also going to be coming with a character card that will give some insight into her backstory as well as a Hero Card that allows her to be playable in On The Lamb’s game, “Endless: Fantasy Tactics” as an exclusive convention crossover! Here’s her character card and hero card right here:

Character Card_Rayna_Sample


For anyone who wants a copy of Rayna, and wont be able to go to Gencon or didn’t include it in their pledge in the Kickstarter, dont worry! We’ll make sure she’s available in the web-store to add to your pledge when we start processing all our glorious backers!

Now, we have had a few questions as to whether or not she is an exclusive Gencon/Kickstarter miniature, and we wanted to share the news that she is NOT exclusive! She is meant as a promotional release at Gencon with plans on making her a regular part of the Wander miniature line.

And again, if you guys are at Gencon, please make sure to drop by and say hi! We’d love to meet each and every one of you! πŸ˜€

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