Hey guys, this is Heath, the Owner/Concept Artist behind Wander! We are officially back from Gencon! It was an incredible convention for us, and we cant thank On The Lamb Games enough for hosting us!


While we were there we sold a bunch of Rayna models, talked to some amazing Kickstarter backers, and got some amazing reviews of our mini’s! Working with Valiant as our pewter caster has paid off, because the production models quality is absolutely amazing! We cant wait for you guys to get your hands on them. We also had our painted mini’s in the case, along with some 3D printed mini’s! You can see them here:

If you would like to see some of On The Lambs painted models, you can find them from Tabletop Gaming News Facebook post here:

We were also interviewed by Dawn from Beasts of War about Wander! Check it out:

Here’s a link to their live-blog during the convention:


We honestly couldn’t be happier with the quality! There’s some work that will need to be done to make these a bit more production friendly, but we are working on it as we speak! Also, our amazing painter Elizabeth Beckley is going to jump on Rayna as soon as she gets a little decompression time after the con, and our amazing sculptor Patrick Keith is going to be working on Jon the Bard soon! We are tentatively hoping to get things all squared away and shipped out before Reapercon, but that may change! Quality mini’s are our CHIEF concern!

We will also be sending out survey’s soon! We want to get one or two things set up for sure before we send them out, however. Our web-store needs to be properly set up to handle all our glorious backers and we need to test it out. We also need to lay out the art book for any backers who picked it up! We’ll give updates on that as we work on that 😀

Game Beta Testing:

The game that’s going to utilize these designs is coming along nicely! Luckily 8 hours in the car with your game design partner helps flesh out a lot of ideas. We think we’ve locked down a great setting for our first adventure, and talked about a lot of interesting mechanics to add a whole bunch of versatility in the gameplay! Once we have a bit more, we’ll share it with you guys….we are hoping to have a playable demo ready by next years Gencon! 😀

Lastly, I want to thank you guys so much for believing in the product and backing our Kickstarter. It was always a bit of a long-shot, doing a mini’s only KS without a game tied to it, but you guys made this dream possible and I cant thank you enough. It was an emotional moment to actual sell our first mini at the convention, and we are deeply looking forward to selling more in the future.


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