Hey guys, this is Heath from RPM! 😀
Its been too long since you guys had an update on production and what else we’ve been up to! First off, here’s a production update on the Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Production Update:

We are slowly inching towards getting everything tweaked and ready for casting! The amazing Patrick Keith is working hard on some of our base goal models that needed some extra attention…so you guys know, here’s what all we need to do to get the base level models ready for production:

  • Fix Kira’s ankle; its too thin and has a high potential to break, and as the main point that connects to the base it needs to be beefed up.
  • Remove the bow string from Fynn’s crossbow. It is either remove it or make the bowstring thicker, and Patrick and I agree just removing it is the easiest option.
  • Separate Tank’s right arm and shoulder armor from the body to ease casting. All the spikes on the shoulder plate would tear up any molds,
  • Adjust Ibexus’s head. This is the biggest undertaking. His grumpy giant head needs to be broken into a few pieces, which might take a bit of 3D resculpting instead of just tweaking the masters.
  • Roland is pretty solid casting wise, but I’ve got him in Patrick’s hands to give him a once-over to make sure there’s no issues.
  • Lastly, Jon just needs to be sculpted! Knowing Mr. Keith’s talents and how well he handled Rayna, we cant wait to see what he produces! 😀
We have also been working on getting the models painted and photographed for packaging in the future, right now Elizabeth Beckley has finished up painting Rayna and has moved onto painting Ibexus. Check out her work on Rayna:
Painted Rayna
Doesn’t she look awesome? We cant wait to see what she does with Ibexus. 😀

Now, besides mini’s, we also promised an Art of Wander book as one of the Add-Ons to the campaign…we’ll, laying it out has been a surprising challenge, but we are nearly done with it! There’s still lots of editing and a few extra pages that need to be filled, but so far its coming along nicely! Right now the format is 5.5″ x 8.5″, here’s a sample of the cover and a few interior pages for you guys:

Art Booklet Cover Art Booklet_Tank Art Booklet_Gritt


We are basically jamming everything we’ve artistically got into that thing! We cant wait to see the final printed product. Now, besides the Kickstarter, I talked a lot during the campaign about a board game we were developing that all these models will be playable in! You guys need to be updated on the progress with that as well! 😉

Board Game Update:

Before I go too deep into talking about the board game, let me make this painfully clear…*EVERYTHING* is prone to change. Now for the update!

For those of you who dont know what kind of game it will be, we are developing a co-op dungeon crawler that has an overall campaign that is driven by individual scenarios at varying difficulty. Overall, the game isn’t a walk in the park for players…you will need to strategize and work together if you are going to survive. Luck also plays a key roll. We’ve build the game in a way that there is plenty of replay-ability, from the characters you can choose from, the scenarios you pick to progress through the campaign, down to the spawning monsters you run into!
As far as development is concerned, we are purely focusing on rules and gameplay and I’m happy to say that everything is running very smoothly. My partner and I are trying to build the dungeon crawler we’ve always wanted to build, and so far we believe we are succeeding! We are feeling out how many players and characters are needed to play the “core” version of the game. We’ve discovered that there are plenty of water cooler moments, and we are beta testing every chance we can get. We are also having fun with the concepts! Check it out:
Cultist Leader_rough_edit reduced
Like I said earlier, many aspects of the game are in constant flux. Just yesterday we changed stats and character abilities across the board! But right now, we are extremely happy with how its all developing, and I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated! 😀

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