Hey everyone, its Heath from RPM!

Surveys have officially been sent out! Make sure to fill them out as soon as you can!

Survey’s have been sent out to all reward tiers! Now, some of you might see that there’s a lack of questions that a normal Kickstarter would have, but that’s okay! Its purely due to the fact that we are processing every backer through our web-store. We will have plenty of miniatures in stock thanks to you guys, but we needed to get a number on on all of our non-miniature related Add-Ons. This way we can get an order in for everything non-miniature related and start focusing on processing rewards for you guys.

Now, the quicker you can get surveys out to us, the quicker we can get to processing your pledge! We are hoping that we can get everything ready and shipped by the latter half of October, which is ambitious but we think we can do it!

Some info about our web-store processing…

For those of you who are curious, the basics of processing in the web-store is this: You will be sent an email for when we are ready to invite you to the store for processing. From there, when you log in with your email you will be asked to reset your password. Once you do that, you will notice that there will be store credit for the amount you pledged! Just pick out the miniatures you want from the base set. All “Wanderer” level pledges and above will receive Jon the Bard for FREE, of course! For anyone who wants to ADD to their pledge, you will be able to during our web-store processing stage! All mini’s and additional add-on’s will be available for sale at Kickstarter prices, so feel free to add them to your shopping cart (at an additional fee, of course!) From there you will check out and the store will automatically process and charge appropriately for shipping.

We will make sure to add a detailed visual guide to help everyone understand how this will work. We will get your pledge out to you no matter what, so you have issues with checking out through our store we will work hard to get it all worked out for you!

Now, with that out of the way, its onto a production update!

Production Update:

Currently the amazing Patrick Keith is working on Jon the Bard! Check it out…we know its early stages, but you can start to see the form taking shape! 😀


He’s also helped us with making both Kira and Fynn more castable, by making Kira’s ankle a little thicker (it was just warping and snapping) and removing Fynn’s crossbow string. You can see the tweaks here:


These two tweaks have been sent off to the casters at Valiant, along with Roland! We cant wait to see the final product! 😀


Tank and Ibexus are back at the 3D printers over at Pali Proto, the edits that needed to be done to them were a little bit more involved. Nothing dramatic, but Tanks right arm (that’s the “missing” arm) and shoulder plate needed to be removed for casting. Ibexus needed to get his hair removed from his head, it was just too complicated of a shape and needed to be separated. I should have the new 3D prints of those by the end of the week!

Besides that, the board game is coming along nicely! We have just passed a major milestone, which is getting most of the core mechanics complete! Now its all about our campaign system and leveling, but we are feeling confident that everything is moving forward in the best way possible! We are excited about the mechanics and designs, and are hoping to have a playable demo ready by Adepticon next year!

Oh, I nearly forgot! Jonathan Phillips-Bradford and I hosted a panel at Dragoncon! Here’s a pic from it:


You know Jonathan from his excellent video’s he produced for this Kickstarter through his personal company, Eldritch Studios. We ended up talking about creating your own miniature line, from zero to mini’s! It was an absolute blast, and we are planning on doing it again next year. If you are attending Dragoncon, make sure to keep an eye out for us!

That’s all for now, we will update you guys as soon as we can with any production pics! Make sure to fill out those surveys! 😀

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