Hey everyone! This is Heath, from RPM! I have some exciting news for everyone… 🙂

Jon the Bard is officially FINISHED!!!

Patrick Keith just wrapped him up, here’s a few pictures as proof! Just like Rayna, he’s done an amazing job once again.


He’s missing his dagger on his back (which has been sculpted, I assure you!) but all in all he is complete! Mr. Keith is just doing a few cuts to make it production ready and it’ll be off to Valiant for production!

We’ve also got some new painted studio miniatures from Elizabeth Beckley! Here’s Ibexus all finished up, and some professional shots of Kira and Rayna!



We’ve also had one of our backers from Gencon pick up a copy of Rayna and apply her own color scheme. Looks great, Rie Kendl! Keep up the awesome work! 😀

Production Update:

Valiant has officially starting casting and producing mini’s for Kira and Fynn! They’ll be shipping them my way tomorrow so we can start sorting and packing. They’ve also received the master 3D print of Roland and will start casting on him soon. I’m still waiting on Pali Proto to finish the 3D-print edits on Tank and Ibexus to come in, hopefully that should be soon!

Art Book:
I’m nearly done laying out the book! A lot time is spent just laying everything out and writing some fluff for the characters. Everything is fleshing out quite nicely, and I cant wait to get it out to you guys!

Other Add-On’s:We’ve got most of the character cards and other bits ready and lined up, just waiting on Surveys to come in to judge how much we need to order!

Speaking of… REMEMBER TO FILL OUT YOUR SURVEYS! I’ll desperately need this info once we start getting into the processing stage. I’m already staging things to get ready for shipping around the world and processing it through the web-store, but having your first and last names/emails/knowing how many non-miniature related add-ons will help IMMENSELY. The quicker you guys can get them to me, the quicker I can send your orders out!

That’s all for now! I’ll get back to you guys when we have more to show!

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