Hey guys, this is Heath from RPM!

As you guys know, the fulfillment date for this Kickstarter was set for the first quarter of next year, which was enough time to give us some wiggle room with production. I’ve been working my butt off to deliver earlier than that, without sacrificing quality. The idea was to get everything settled and organized so I could start processing orders through the web-store early enough to get all the rewards fulfilled so I could sell some product at Reapercon (which is later this month). Due to some delays from outside circumstances, that early deadline wont be possible. Here’s an update on both the good and bad aspects of this news:

The Good News:

Production copies of Roland and Jon the Bard are on their way! This means that we’ll have 5 out of 7 mini’s ready to go, which we are actively organizing! The production casts look incredible, and we couldn’t be happier. This being a miniatures focused campaign, we are proud of the fact that the quality on these mini’s is top notch.

We’ve also received the Character Cards!!! Check it out:


Remember that each mini comes with its own character card! We cant wait to send them out to you guys! 😀

The Bad News:

The 28-page art books arrived, and the quality is unacceptable. There were printing issues in mass. From bleed page problems, page cut issues, ink smudges and roller strains, it wasn’t up to RPM quality standards. We will be getting a full refund for this and seeking a higher quality printer, because quality is key on these. This is the first cause for delay.

The second cause for delay is our go-to 3D printer is having some major issues with their current printers they use for our high quality prints. I am waiting to hear back from them about how this will impact us, and I am also looking into a temporary high quality alternative printer. This delays the reprinting of Tank and the print-edits on Ibexus.

But Heath, what does this mean for us, the amazing backers?

Simply put, processing will most likely occur later this month/going into November instead of earlier, that’s all! You guys have been amazing and patient, and I cant thank you enough! I know its was ambitious to aim for fulfillment this early after the KS funded, but I wanted to make the best attempt we could. The only real detrimental impact this will have is really on me, and it was for selfish reasons of wanting to be able to sell these at Reapercon. I still firmly believe in not selling a product before the Kickstarter rewards are delivered, and I will stand by that promise.

I hope everyone understands that I’m not going to let anything low quality ship from RPM. I demand quality from the printers, sculptors, and printers that I work with so I can deliver quality to you guys.

To end on a slightly brighter note, we have an update on board game production.

Board-game update!

We are making leaps and bounds with the Wander board-game! We’ve figured out 90% of our base gameplay mechanics, and we’ve made some really fun breakthroughs! We are also working hard on the campaign, which mostly boils down to different fun scenarios! Here’s a little preview of one of the character dashboards we are working on….:D


So you guys know, this is just a production prototype…its pretty close to the finished product, but there’s some tweaks that will most likely occur before its finalized. We are still gunning for a playable prototype by Adepticon, and so far we are on schedule for that! 😀

As always, I’ll keep everyone as updated as I can on production!

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