Hey everyone! I just wanted everyone to know that I’m hard at work getting the art book fixed and reprinted! As it turned out, there were a bunch of little technical things I needed to sort out with the book, and thankfully I’ve received a lot of help on that front to get that book in working order! I’ve already sent the terrible old art books back to the print shop to get a refund, which means that I’ll be able to send out the new version for printing soon. That may have to wait until after Reapercon, however. Speaking of….


Reapercon 2016!

I’m hitting the road tomorrow with Jonathan Phillips-Bradford and Elizabeth Beckley, otherwise known as the owner of Eldritch Studios and the Miniature Mistress, respectfully. Its going to be a blast traveling to Texas with them! I *should* have all the painted studio models with us there, possibly excluding Fynn but I’m are hoping he’ll be there too! I’ll definitely have a pewter sample of Jon the Bard there as well! I’ll make sure to take some pictures for you guys! 😀

Now, as Backers, if you are attending Reapercon and want to pick up some mini’s that you pledged for, I’d be more than happy to make that happen! Here’s what we’ve got stocked up at the moment. (*NOTE* These are ONLY the mini’s/their character cards! We haven’t stocked bases yet!)

  • Kira
  • Fynn
  • Roland
  • Jon

So, if any backers are attending, just shoot me an email at redpandaminiatures@gmail.com, and put “Backer attending Reapercon”. Alternatively, since its such short notice on my end, just say the key-phrase “Red Pandas are awesome” and I’ll know its one of you guys! I’ll be bringing 10-20 copies of each mini we have in stock (just for our backers of course), including plenty of copy’s of Rayna which will be fore sale!

Production Update:

Right now, I’m waiting on word from my 3D printer to let me know their printers are fixed while trying to find a possible alternative printer in the short term. Finding a printer with the right know-how for our industry isn’t easy, so that’s been a big challenge. Beyond that, I talked about the art book earlier. Again, I’m working on editing the base file to get it print ready through a more reputable printing source. I just received confirmation from them that my files are in order, so I’ll let everyone know when I can get a proof in to check the quality.

Again, I appreciate all you amazing backers for being patient. I’m looking forward to producing more mini’s and growing as a company in the future, and you guys were here from the ground level and I cant thank you enough.  I promise after Reapercon that I’ll do everything I can to get these miniatures out to you guys at the best quality I can get.

I’ll update you guys as soon as I can on any more production stuff the second I know about it!

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