Hey guys! I’m back from Reapercon 2016! It was an absolute blast, there’s nothing quite like hanging out with my extended nerdy convention family! ๐Ÿ˜€

Besides hanging out with some amazing people and talking to a few awesome attending backers, we had a great time. Here’s some pics:


While I was there, I even got a chance to paint Jon the Bard! Its hard not to paint a mini while you are at a big hobby-painting convention. Its not great, but I think I did alright!


ย Production Update:

While at Reapercon, it seems like the stars aligned…we had so many issues get resolved while we were there its astounding. Here’s what all has happened:

  • Our issue on sourcing bases was resolved upon learning that Reaper Miniatures can produce bulk bases for dirt cheap. I grabbed a handful of them from a factory tour and they are great! They’ll be generic round 25mm bases, but I know you guys will be capable of doing amazing things with them!
  • With our current go-to printer having maintenance issues, we ran into the guys fromTrenchworx who proved to us that they can print at an amazing quality, so Tank and Ibexus will be printed and put into production soon! This puts our delivery time into the mid to late November! ๐Ÿ˜€
  • I’ve also decided that scaling on Tank was a bit of an issue, so I decided that he needed a boost to 35mm in height instead of 32mm. How does this affect you guys? It doesn’t! You’ll still get the same product, he’s just the proper size I originally intended him to be!
  • I am proud to announce that after many back and forth emails, the Art Book is now properly formatted and good to go! We’ll be looking into printing them soon. The timing is great, because we just got our refund back from the original printer.

As you can see, everything is moving along nicely. Our production hiccups have been resolved, and we’ll be able to move ahead soon! Oh, and for those of you that picked up a piece of your pledge or the whole thing at the convention, make sure to show us what you guys can do with them! ๐Ÿ˜€

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