Hey guys! I know its been a few weeks since the last update, but this one is a good one, I promise! 😀

Production Update:

Art Books:


The Wander Art Book proofs have just arrived and I am incredibly happy with the quality! As compared to the horrible prints I received weeks ago, these are fantastic. They are no longer saddle stitched, and are now bound with a spine. I’m going to make an order for them which makes us one step closer to fulfilling this campaign!

So the last two that we’ve all been waiting for are Ibexus and Tank. I’ve got the new 3D prints of Ibexus’s head, they are absolutely fantastic! Its hard to see, but in person the detail level is incredible. His head originally was one piece, but it needed to be split into two for easier casting.

As far as Tank is concerned, I’m just waiting on his newly printed shield to arrive. The one that was printed was enormous compared to the body, as was the replacement shield that was printed to fix that, as you can see below.

fullsizerender-2 img_1412 img_1415


You can see the scaling is off, that shield should be ankle high at its base, but instead its going into the base peg. These things happen with 3D printing, though! My new contact at Trenchworx has been AMAZING with helping me with these little issues, and have already sent me a properly sized replacement that will be here Monday! This means that, with a week or two for casting….I’ll be able to start processing your rewards soon! 😀

So, how is that board game coming along?

The game is coming along amazingly well! We have been playing dungeon crawlers across the market for research, and its helped us immensely with some new dynamic ideas! Our core rules are steadily taking their final shape. I’m also realizing how much art we’ll need for this thing and its both exciting AND intimidating. I’ve already begun working on some monster designs and hero re-designs, figuring out scaling and casting issues. Were still tentatively planning on having a playable demo at Adepticon this year, and so far we are on track to make that happen!

On a final note, If I get the resized shield in on Monday and it looks good, I’ll send out Tank and Ibexus for final casting either the same day or Tuesday. With the book order in and knowing Valiant’s quick turnaround time and a packing party, we’ll get this all out to you guys in no time! 😀

As always, I’ll keep you guys as updated as I can!

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