Hey everyone, I’ve been really under the weather here the past week or so, but today I received something in the mail that made me feel a little bit better……the new proofs for Tank and Ibexus have arrived, and they look GREAT! 😀


The new scaled up Tank (he was 32mm, now he’s 35mm!) looks great, and Ibexus’s new head turned out wonderful. Im incredibly happy with the results, and have already put an order in for them!

Now, what does this mean for you, the backers?

Simply put, this means that by the end of this week to the beginning of next week, I can get the web-store properly ready processing! 😀 I’ll have everything ready to get your orders lined up and ready to go, so when the last product shipment comes in, I’ll be able to pack and ship it away! All we are waiting on is the production run of Tank and Ibexus to arrive.

I’ll be working diligently to make this happen. I literally cant wait to get these mini’s into your hands. Seeing what you guys are capable of after releasing just a select few out into the world, I can barely imagine what ALL of you guys will do with them! I cant wait! 😀

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