Alright, even though I’m still dealing with the bank and waiting on both the hacked funds to return to my account AND my new business card to arrive, I finally have good news! The final shipment of mini’s are IN!

Nothing like receiving a box full of Tank and Ibexus’s to put a smile on your face! 😀

So whats the next step?

Now, with this and the successful test in our web-store for processing backers and shipping, all I’m currently waiting on is getting my bank squared away again so we can make this thing happen! While we all wait for that, I’m going to task myself with updated all the web-store imagery to make it nice and pretty, come up with a detailed visual guide on how the process will work for backers, and start putting minis into little plastic baggies!

As far as the bank is concerned, I’m hoping it will all be settled within the next week. As I’m drafting this update, I’m currently on hold with their claims department to see if I can make some headway. I’m determined to get these shipped to you guys as soon as I can!

Everything is finally lined up, its just a few days away. 😀

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