Hey guys! I’m here to tell you some WONDERFUL news! I’ve finally got the money back in my account! 😀

That means that RPM is fully operational once again! Also, with the help from some amazing and dedicated friends, we’ve packed up ALL the mini’s to get ready for processing. We are fully prepared to get things underway!

So, here’s what we’ll do…

Next TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY (December 27/28, respectfully), I will be opening up the web-store for processing! I will give you guys the link to the store in an update, including a visual guide for how this process is going to work.

I cant tell you how much I appreciate you patience with this whole process. Its had a few ups and downs, all part of starting a business it seems. Luckily, you guys have helped me through with your kindness and understanding, and I appreciate that. I can barely wait to see what you guys make of these minis when you get them, I’m so excited! Its also great knowing that we’ve jumped our last hurdles and are nearly across the finish line.

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