Hello, everyone! After a few days out of town I’m back, and ready to announce that…

The web-store is open for Late-Pledges!

This will only be available until February 15th. Backers, pledge management will also be open until the that date for you as well. It only seems fair! 🙂

Oh, and Backers…dont forget to check the “Its finally time!!! :D” update if you haven’t been processed yet!

You can direct anyone who is interested to the RPM web-store here:

All profits from late level pledges will go towards getting new models into production, the first of which is Mary Fixit and G.R.I.T.T.!

Once we unlock this new design, I’ll add them to the web-store at the special Kickstarter pricing of $10 instead of her retail pricing of $15! It will only be available for a limited time after she is put into production.

After we unlock Mary Fixit and G.R.I.T.T., the next model after her will be Liz the Runecaster!

Now, with that aside, I want to share with you some of my ideas for the future of Wander

Future Plans

So, with opening up the web-store to late pledges, I’ve been asking myself what I want to do with this line of mini’s and where to go with them in the future…

The plan has always been to expand the amount of models for Wander (and put them in a board-game…more on that in a later update!). I have TONS of designs waiting in the wings for another Kickstarter down the line, not to mention opening up a vote and seeing which of our excellent contest suggestions will be made into a mini! I’d like to have another mini done by Adepticon for sure, and *hopefully* two more after that for Gencon. The better business does, the more mini’s I can get produced! 😀 I’ve also been playing around with getting some busts done of some of the characters…

With that in mind…

I’d love to hear your opinions!

So, what do you guys think Red Panda Minis should do next, after we get Mary Fixit/GRITT and Liz the Runecaster put into production? Would you like to see more minis? Maybe get a bust done of Ibexus, Tank, or Mary Fixit+GRITT? Would you potentially back another Kickstater to make these things happen? I’d love to hear what you guys think!

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