With Adepticon right around the corner, I’m scrambling to get ready for it!

There’s a lot of aspects that are coming down to the wire…like waiting on mini’s to arrive, waiting on others to be cast, making sure everything is printed and ready to go. The pre-con anxiety is REAL, everyone! That being said, things are going smoothly and I cant wait to get there!

For those of you who are going, we are going to be sharing space over at the Secret Weapon booth! They are being an incredibly gracious host! We’ll have our entire line of minis there for sale, though Rayna may potentially be out of stock…I’m still waiting on the miniatures to show up in the mail! Make sure to stop by and say hi, and also….to demo the boardgame we’ve been pouring blood, sweat, and tears into…The Cult of Barnacle Bay!

I’m proud to say that we’ll have a fully playable demo of our boardgame at Adepticon! Make sure to drop by and check it out, its definitely worth the time. It’ll be demo’d by our rule guru Jonathan Phillips-Bradford, also known as the mastermind behind Eldritch Studios. Check out one of the bad guys you’ll get to face in the game, the Otter Fisherman Grunt!

Oh…and did I forget to mention that all mini’s sold at the show will come with playable hero cards for the game? Silly me, I must have forgot…;)

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