Hey everyone! I’ll be leaving for Adepticon tomorrow afternoon to sell some minis and show off the new board game that I’m working on with Jonathan Phillips-Bradford and Elizabeth Beckley! I cant wait to hear what people think of it! We took a few pictures before we headed out that shows the whole layout of the demo:

I’m really excited with how its all coming together! 😀

If you are going, make sure to drop by our booth and say hi! I’ll be sharing a booth with On The Lamb Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures, who were gracious enough to provide me with some space at this show. I’ll have the full line of minis there, in case you wanted to fill any gaps!

Honestly, I’m looking forward to the show, catching up with some industry friends, and showing off the line that you all helped me put together! As always, I cant thank you guys enough!

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