What is Wander?

Wander is both the title and setting of the first line of models that we here at Red Panda Miniatures are going to produce. To clarify, Wander is only a line of miniatures for now. Although a game is currently being crafted that will use these miniatures, it will be a good while until it is complete (we are incredibly excited about it though!). Until then, we wanted to take a moment to describe what exactly Wander is, and why we’ve decided to start filling out a miniature line based off the characters inhabiting it.

Mountain Environment_for website

Wander is a setting that was conceived by our founder and lead artist Heath Foley years ago, while he was working on his senior project during his time in college. Originally planned out as a webcomic, it focused on a fantasy world that was riddled with war, political intrigue, and deep stories primarily focusing on a small crew of characters and their adventures within this setting. The world itself hasn’t changed much since then, but the characters were retooled, redesigned and rewritten time and time again over a 10 year span. They’ve found their way into a webcomic, the beginnings of a children’s book, and many other projects where they didn’t quite fit. We’ve loved these designs and the world for a long time, so we decided to go ahead and get them sculpted and produce to finally make them a reality! What better way to flesh out a world and setting than with the characters that inhabit it?

Over time we will update the site to share more about the lore of the world and the major characters in it. Its a complex setting with many moving parts…an epic war rages all around our band of characters while they wander through the world, slowly creating and discovering stories as they go. We are planning starting to tell this story with the introduction of these miniatures and more so with an eventual board game release. As far as fleshing out the characters themselves, we will attempt to include a small collectable card to each miniature purchased that gives a brief breakdown of the characters personality and background. If you would like to see any of the character art, feel free to check out our Gallery!

Just because we are eventually giving these characters a background and setting doesn’t mean that you cant do the same! We fully support customers wanting to create their own unique stories for these characters, whether your using them as your character or an NPC in an RPG, as an alternate model in a tabletop game, or collecting and painting them as a hobbyist! This is one of the greatest things about tabletop games, the only limit is your imagination. Were excited about seeing what people do with these mini’s, so please share your stories with us! We would love to hear them.